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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Hidden Face of Evil

The cover story of the latest issue of a leading news magazine is titled 'Portrait of Evil'. It is about a businessman and his man-servant, accused of raping and killing many young children in a house owned by the former in Sector 31 (Nithari), NOIDA (a Delhi suburb, which otherwise lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh). It provides all the grisly details of the manner in which the two men are suspected to have gone about their dark deeds over the past two years or so, along with the details of the investigation carried out by the police.

Apparently, the servant lured the victims into the house and handed them over to his master, who sexually abused them and then handed them over back to the servant, who, in turn, meted out the same treatment to them, after killing them. Later, the servant dismembered the bodies and disposed them off by throwing them into a municipal drain.

All of this has been covered extensively by the print as well as the electronic media since December 29, 2006, when the duo were finally arrested.

The two men had reportedly been picked up for questioning several times before this, only to be let off upon the payment of bribes.

However, what the story makes no mention of and what many other sections of the media have not highlighted, is the fact that when the Uttar Pradesh government distributed blankets to the parents of the murdered children, some of them refused to accept these and others even tried to set fire to the blankets.

The anger and outrage might have seemed quite understandable and I might actually have empathised with the victims' family members, had I not known that each of the families had earlier accepted a cheque for Rs.2,00,000/- per murdered child, as compensation from the state government. Some of the parents did try to return the cheques, only to demand houses instead!

I wonder whether the serial rapists and killers should be described as more evil, or whether such a description would be more apt for the unfortunate children's own parents, who sold their offspring's souls for two lakh rupees each, without even a hint of remorse, at the hands of corrupt law-enforcers and politicians.


Sidhusaaheb said...

The whole episode leaves me just too sick to think coherently.
Mridula | Homepage | 01.17.07 – 2:18 pm | #


Quite unprecedented…
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 01.20.07 – 1:40 pm | #


I did leave comment on this incident earlier. What happened to that?

Where are we human heading?
shirazi | Homepage | 01.22.07 – 6:44 am | #


I don’t know, Shirazi Sa’ab. May be the software played a trick on us…

It seems like some humans, such as the perpetrators of these killings, have lost all fear of the Almighty!
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 01.22.07 – 8:35 am | #


It’s an awful incident – psycho’s can commit crimes in any country but police covering up the act and sheilding the rich accused – that’s the real shame
Cyberkitty | Homepage | 01.22.07 – 12:40 pm | #


…and, to top it all, the families gladly accept ‘compensation’!

It’s blood-money, if you ask me.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 01.22.07 – 1:12 pm | #


It is blood-money, but it is bloody money anyway…. 200,000 is a lot of money for most of the missing/killed childern families as they are mostly peasents from west of India. They may not be able to accumulate this amount in their entire life time. I do not know on what pretext the local govt. had given out the money but I am sure that any parent would not have traded their living children for this amount or even a house. Now that they (childern) are gone and nothing can bring them back, it may be a cover up that the govt. might be trying to do for the police not acting in a right way on the right time, though, I believe it will be difficult to cover up anything now as the case is with the CBI. As far as the people involved as suspects, human psycology is so complicated that a simple answer cannot be found as to why they did it. Asia, Europe, North America or any other continent, such criminals are ominipresent, but I can say for sure where I live, human life is not cheap and any missing child case recieve immediate attention and law enforcement go all out in full swing attempting to solve it ASAP.
Sifar | Homepage | 01.23.07 – 5:07 pm | #

Sidhusaaheb said...

For every human being, apart from a few notable exceptions like Bill Gates, The Sultan of Brunei, The Queen of England and the like, there do exist amounts of currency that can be described as ‘a lot of money’. The question, however, arises whether they should be accepting or rather actually claiming such amounts in turn for their brutally raped and murdered children?

I think it all boils down to a human trait called ’strength of character’ or the lack of it, as in this case.

It definitely is a cover up for the police having shielded the accused earlier, in return for bribes. The opposition parties in the state have been making a lot of noise and the interest of the ruling party politicians was to ‘quieten’ down the families by paying them the money, especially in view of the state-legislature elections that are not so far away.

I agree that the CBI is quite likely to do a good job while investigating the case and that such criminals indeed are present all around the world, though a crime of such magnitude seems to have little precedent in the history of independent India.

I am so glad that the law enforcers in your part of the world do a far better job in such cases. I watch a lot of that on television and often do wish that it was like that around here also!
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 01.23.07 – 7:07 pm | #


Hmm. This is one insight I completely overlooked. But then I am on the other side of the Vindhya. An eye-opener, and a real kick in the belly this one.
shubir | 01.28.07 – 9:01 pm | #


Some sections of the media do not always present all sides of the story, it seems.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 01.29.07 – 8:24 am | #