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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Singing one's own praises...

I suppose we are all prone to bragging about our exploits every once in a while (Well, some of us more frequently, perhaps!).

I would rather not be like Baron Munchausen, but see no harm in recounting true life incidents.

The following is the text of an email that I sent to a few close friends on February 13, 2004:

"Yours truly was bitten by a rabid dog, the day before. I guess this makes me a good candidate for the reality show 'survivor'......

...since this is the latest among many other exploits including having crashed my bike at 90 kilometres per hour (k.p.h.), having fallen out of a car executing a 90 degree turn at 70 k.p.h., etc. ......

Meanwhile, if you would like to settle scores with anyone......just lemme' know and I could bite a piece off them and, possibly, pack them off to the 'happy hunting grounds'...for there's always the chance of a vaccine being ineffective (India shining!)...

But make haste, since this offer might be for a limited period only !!

We shall communicate with you again...

Insha-Allah (If God so desires!!!!)."

Needless to add, the vaccine worked and that is how I am still around on planet Earth.

I still love dogs and play with those in the neighbourhood quite often.

Also, I enjoy riding my bike and often ride as fast or even faster, though I do try to be more careful while riding it at night.

I will blog about each of the above-mentioned incidents separately, perhaps, at a later stage.

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Sidhusaaheb said...

Thanks for comming.
Shirazi | Homepage | 08.06.06 – 6:42 am | #


Nice blog you’ve here .. keep up …
Asma | Homepage | 08.06.06 – 11:20 pm | #


hmmm…so r u muslim? :P
Anonymous | 08.09.06 – 7:00 am | #


Asma and Shirazi: Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous: Read the entire blog, end-to-end, to know who and what I am.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 08.09.06 – 9:23 am | #