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Saturday, March 03, 2007

A turning point

My brother is on a train. It shall arrive at Bangalore some time before noon, on March 3. He boarded it late in the evening on March 1, at New Delhi railway station. My parents and I dropped him off there.

He is to join at his new place of work on the fifth of this month.

It is for the first time that he is going to be living away from home, in a city he has never been to before. In fact, it is also the first time that he is travelling so far on his own.

I am reminded of the time when I went to live at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, for a couple of years. It was different in the sense that I had gone there to study and my father had gone along with me all the way, to escort me to the hostel. Also, he has friends at Bangalore, with whom he expects to share a flat, while I knew no one at Indore.

Strangely enough, I remembered yesterday, on account of nothing in particular, the day he was born. I was in standard IV at that time and found the way he cried to be quite in tune with Indian classical music. I was also fascinated with the way he used his tiny hands to tightly clasp one of my fingers and the way he moved his legs (as if pedalling on a bicycle), while lying on the bed. I also remembered the times when he used to ride on my shoulders, while he was quite young.

He behaved a bit oddly too, on the day he left, in the sense that he smashed a light-bulb while trying to retrieve a box from the store, for packing his computer and also crashed my father's car into another, when he went to do some last-minute shopping.

I suppose living away from home signifies a turning point in his life and will help him grow up in a way that he never has so far, in all of his 23 years. I hope, though, that he will be strong and not conduct himself in a manner that would make my parents and I anything less than proud of him.

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Sidhusaaheb said...

Yes, It does. We all have to live away from home from time to time. I wish him well.
shirazi | Homepage | 03.03.07 – 5:30 am | #


nice post, even i remember the time my little brother was born…he grew up complaining to my parents about the things i did.. ha ha
Cyberkitty | Homepage | 03.03.07 – 3:46 pm | #


@Shirazi Sa’ab: Guess you’re right…Thanks!

@Cyberkitty: Thanks! All younger siblings do that, I guess.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 03.04.07 – 6:53 am | #


I hope he reached safely by now and you are a little less anxious for him by now.
Mridula | Homepage | 03.04.07 – 10:32 am | #


Yup! He’s reached there safe and sound.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 03.04.07 – 5:45 pm | #


Bangalore is a very nice city. I went there once for company training purposes and instead I was offered a position of trainer but was to be stationed at Bangalore. I refused as I never lived away from home and did not want to live anywhere but NDelhi. Look now, I’m more than 9000 miles away from home.

Only problem I had in Bangalore was to find a good place to eat North India food.
Sifar | Homepage | 03.06.07 – 7:33 pm | #


Ra. | Homepage | 03.07.07 – 11:18 pm | #


Argh … my comment’s again gone

Thats cute waisay … 23 yrs age hi kiya hoti hay

Best of luck for him — may it be good for his personal grooming and growth too :>
Asma | Homepage | 03.08.07 – 6:53 am | #


@Sifar: You are in a good place! I hope you’ll continue to do well in life!!

North Indian food’s availability is a problem in Bangalore…Other friends have also been telling me that.


@Asma: Boo tad! I wish I knew how to fix that, but I have no idea at all.

Age toh waise 31 bhi kya hi hoti hai… :D

I’ll pass on the good wishes.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 03.08.07 – 10:26 am | #