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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Discovery Channel, Live

I see a squirrel dart across to the other side of the road. Just as I begin to wonder why the poor beast would risk getting squished under the wheels of a speeding vehicle, I see a cat in hot pursuit. Both animals narrowly miss oncoming cars and motorcycles, as the squirrel manages to stay ahead and to climb a tree, out of the feline's reach.

As the cat stands under the tree, as if trying to find a way to reach the squirrel, a dog spies it from afar and rushes towards it. Before the canine can get there, however, the cat runs to the wall of a nearby compound and jumps over before the dog can see where it is going. The dog picks up the scent of its quarry and follows it along the ground up to the spot where the cat jumped on to the wall and then appears lost. A minute or two later, it gives up the chase and walks away.

Discovery channel, live, for any one who cares to watch.


Mridula said...

I have no stomach for such hot chases, too much blood and gore for me. :D

Sidhusaaheb said...

Turned out to be a series of 'wild goose chases', in this case. :)

Alexandra B said...

Hi, Sidhusaaheb!

It's great to see such live action :)
I would prefer watching it rather then watching the telly or doing some work. I love to look at animals or birds, so when I walk home from the tram station every day, I stare at cats, doggies and birds as much as I can!
Too bad we don't have many squirrels here, in Bucharest. They are quite rare, though I remember seeing one in a park when I was in highschool (about 9 years ago).
Take care,


Sriram said...

Beautiful post :)

PS: back on ur blog after quite a while :D

Anonymous said...

Hello there Mr Sidhusaaheb!:)Animals sure have well honed survival instincts and get into all sorts of adventures as part and parcel of their daily lives. Nature programmes are brilliant in that they give us an insight into the animal worlds and help us understand them. However, some programmes can make for uncomfortable, even anxious viewing.The folks who are filming know not to intervene in whatever happens in the course of their filming, but it has been shown that humans too can form a bond with animals and it must be very difficult not to intervene when they are so involved with the animal they are following.

Ra. said...

Your house is, indeed, strategically located.

Visit mine to meet my 3 squirrels.