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Monday, September 01, 2008

Non-Verbal Communication

The sound of my mother's voice woke me from a rather extended afternoon nap.

"TuuN B***y (my nick-name) nu milan aaya aiN, ke dudh peen?"

(Have you come to see Sidhusaaheb or have you come to drink milk?)

Shortly, my friend Zakhmi appeared at the door of my room. I beckoned him over and he sauntered up to where I sat. After getting his ears scratched and his head patted for a while, he turned around and trotted away.

A few seconds later, he stood in the dining room, facing the kitchen, where my mother was, watching her with rapt attention. (He never enters the kitchen, because the old lady has told him not to.) Off and on, he would wag his tail a bit and then lick his lips as well, very expectantly. He appeared downcast, though, when my mother declared, "Hun tainu kujh nahi milna khaan-peen nu!" (You are not going to get anything to eat or drink now!)

He went off and parked himself on the the living-room floor, from where he had a clear view of the refridgerator. When I walked up to him, he turned himself upside down and offered me one of his fore-paws, which I shook vigorously. He seemed happy and even more so when I scratched his stomach. Although he was quite engrossed in playing with me, he stopped to watch carefully and to lick his lips, whenever my mother opened the refridgerator.

After a while, my mother changed her mind and offered him a slice of bread. He sniffed at it briefly and then settled down even more comfortably. A biscuit was met with a similar response, but as soon as she cut open a poly-pack of milk with a pair of scissors, he jumped up and then followed her outside, where his feeding bowl was.


Sidhusaaheb said...

Made me smile,
thanks for sharing.
Manpreet | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 9:45 am | #


u have a doggie!!!!

love them….

mine has these doleful eyes which speak a thousand things especially when food is around…and she can even make u feel guilty for gnawing at that bone which rightfully belongs to her.
pinku | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 1:39 pm | #


@Manpreet: Glad to know that!


@Pinku: He’s a friend who visits often. You can check out the linked post to find out more about him.

I think I know exactly how it feels when they look at you like that. :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 1:56 pm | #


Cute story, why is ur dog called zakhmi? …btw ur blog has just won an award!!!
cyberkitty123 | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 5:04 pm | #


Nice! Reminded me of ubuntu the cat.. just fed the little guy today when he was lying in my neighbour’s backyard

It’s wonderful how animals understand and relate so much to humans. We should be ashamed of how we dont understand each other and wage wars for silly reasons.
Sriram | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 5:06 pm | #


@Cyberkitty: The answer to the question is to be found in the post that I’ve provided a link to in this one. Thanks for the award!

@Sriram: It’s good to know that you and Ubuntu are becoming closer friends by the day.

Animals relate to humans, I find, when the relationship is based on mutual respect.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 09.01.08 – 6:15 pm | #



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Richa | Homepage | 09.02.08 – 10:38 am | #


Ahem, and here I was thinking this is a post about non-verbal human conversation maybe even business communication! But I should have known!
Mridula | Homepage | 09.02.08 – 7:49 pm | #


awwwww I so badly want a dog!!!!

dedicated somethin to u … come see. hehe
Roop | Homepage | 09.02.08 – 10:05 pm | #


Likewise I thought of nonviolent human communication. Pleased to see the nonviolent tradition is continuing.
wmmbb | Homepage | 09.06.08 – 1:59 pm |

Sidhusaaheb said...

Ha ha…cutie doggy and parra jee u calling Aunty “old woman”..too bad…women like to stay young and to be treated accordingly..ok! :P
Fariha Akhtar | Homepage | 09.08.08 – 6:28 pm | #


Zakhmi..he reminds me of my long dead Fido..Fiddu would look with such soulful eyes that it was IMPOSSIBLE to even have a bite without giving him some..Dogs are so cute..
Anonymous | Homepage | 09.11.08 – 2:53 pm | #