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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

An 'I' for an eye

The tag, this time, is about completing a series of statements about oneself. So, without much ado, as always, let us get down to business.

I am: a human being.

I think: , therefore, I am (though I do not own the copyright to that statement!).

I know: far less than I think I do, I am sure.

I want: just about enough to fulfil my basic needs as well as those of my motorcycle.

I have: a lot to thank the Almighty for!

I wish: for a lot of things, not all of which I can attain.

I hate: lies, deceit, manipulation, dishonesty, hypocrisy, corruption and nepotism.

I miss: my grandparents, all four of whom are no more, besides other family members and friends (of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties) who have gone on to the happy hunting grounds.

I fear: being forced by circumstances, more often than not created by manipulative people, to say or do something that I would not otherwise have said or done, being the fiercely independent person that I am or, at least, like to think that I am.

I feel: heat, cold, softness, hardness, sharpness, bluntness, etc., like any other person with a normal sense of touch.

I hear: all kinds of sounds that any one with a normal sense of hearing might hear.

I smell: all kinds of smells that any one with a normal sense of smell might recognise, besides a 'rat' or 'something fishy', at times.

I crave: not much for any thing or any one, any more!

I search: through Google, even as I know that I can not find all that I search for through it.

I wonder: whether the egg came before the chicken or vice versa.

I regret: not having been born in a royal family in a country with a constitutional monarchy (since it is difficult to locate one with an absolute monarchy these days!).

I love: leisure!

I ache: when I walk more than I usually do.

I care: a little more than I should, at times, perhaps.

I am not: a super-hero.

I believe: in a single, formless, indestructible, eternal Supreme Being i.e. WaheGuru, who is never born and never dies and is omnipotent and omnipresent and whom people that practise different religions address by different names.

I dance: only when dragged to the dance floor and make my escape as soon as I can.

I sing: only when there is no one within ear shot, although a lot of people have had to suffer my singing in the past, especially my mates at the hostel, while I was pursuing my post-graduate degree.

I cry: to wash away negative emotion from within myself, but only when no one is watching me, usually, except when it becomes impossible to hold back, like at my paternal grandfather's cremation (He was the only one among my grandparents at whose cremation I was present).

I do not always: do all that others expect of me.

I fight: when I have to.

"Jab aao ki aaodh nidhaan banay, att hi rann maiN tab joojh maroN"

(This can be roughly translated as, "When the limits of tolerance are crossed, I shall engage in battle and fight till the end.").

- Guru Gobind Singh

I write: using a computer's keyboard, mostly, nowadays.

I win: when I least expect to.

I lose: when I really want to win.

I never: garnish chocolate ice-cream with powdered chillies. Coming to think of it, I never do that with any other ice-cream flavour either.

I always: try to be as honest as I can, even at the cost of hitting others where it hurts.

I confuse: people's names sometimes. For instance, I have a hard time remembering whether a particular ghazal singer is named Peenaz Masani or Meenaz Pasani. I do remember, however, that she has an unruly shock of hair and that I do not appreciate her singing at all.

I listen: to music.

I can usually be found: on planet Earth.

I am scared: of doing anything that might trouble my conscience later.

I need: food, water, clothing, shelter and petrol (for my motorcycle, obviously!).

I am happy about: having all that the Almighty has blessed me with!


Sidhusaaheb said...

…yeah without much ado… I can see that.
SS you ask for too much when you ask for the barest to fulfill yours and your bike’s needs, for both are a hard thing to achieve now a days. What do you say? Liked the tag.
Manpreet | Homepage | 07.01.08 – 10:00 am | #


Petroleum products are among the most highly-taxed items in India and the government could help the public by reducing some of the duties and taxes that it levies on these, instead of claiming to subsidise these. That should help to check inflation, as well, I think.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 07.01.08 – 10:10 am | #


really felt good reading this….i dont know why…
harry | Homepage | 07.01.08 – 1:01 pm | #


Well the chicken definitely came before the egg…
UTP | Homepage | 07.01.08 – 8:31 pm | #


Another tag?
Sujata | Homepage | 07.02.08 – 5:16 am | #


This looks like fun!

I shall therefore tag meself
Mai Harinder Kaur | Homepage | 07.02.08 – 10:12 am | #


You seem to be getting tagged a lot! Quite straightforward answers though.
Mridula | Homepage | 07.03.08 – 5:40 am | #


And you did this whole by yourself?? No cheating?? :O

Took me 3 visits to read all waisay :P

And why do u want just about enough in your life? Ask for as much as you can. Almighty’s gracious and ask to match the graciousness ~
Asma | Homepage | 07.03.08 – 11:53 am | #

Sidhusaaheb said...

@Harry: Glad to know that!

@UTP: If you say so! :D

@Sujata: Yes ma’am! :D

@Mai Harinder Kaur: Indeed!

Hope you enjoy doing it!

@Mridula: Quite true…I’ve always been rather straight-forward, I guess. :P

@Asma: No cheating at all! :D

Three visits? Just shows how busy you are… :P

Why do I want just about enough in life? Because…Laalach buri balaa hai! and ThhoRa hai, thhoRe ki zaroorat hai…Zindagi phir bhi yahaaN khoobsurat hai! :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 07.03.08 – 3:51 pm | #

Sidhusaaheb said...

Meself hath completed this meme. If you like – or if you don’t – you may see it at…other- meme.html

Mai Harinder Kaur | Homepage | 07.07.08 – 7:59 am | #


“Jab aao ki aaodh nidhaan banay, att hi rann maiN tab joojh maroN”

Deja vu

Been reverberating in my mind since 9 AM this morning. Mostly the bit : Nischay kar apni jeet karoon.
Inexplicably | Homepage | 07.30.08 – 2:18 pm | #