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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Corruption in the Indian Private Sector

I received the following message through email recently, offering me a 'contract' that I could sign in order to recieve bribes on a consistent basis:

Dear Candidate

Greetings !

We are presenting an offer to be a part time employee of our company and
earn whatever you want. For this you need not to spend extra time, you need not
to go anywhere, just pay your attention and cooperation to our company.

Basically we are Manpower Solution Company and focusing on recruitment
consultancy and Manpower Outsourcing. With a huge Client base, we are serving
our Clients nationwide and we are very much capable to give quality staffing
services in almost all Industry and all functional areas.

What You Are Supposed To Do.

a) Introduce our Consultancy to your Concerned
b) Finish formality of singeing of our Terms and
c) Send us your Company’s staffing requirements so that
we can refer the best professional to your concerned Company for recruitment and
d) We will start working on given requirement to serve
your Company the best.
e) We will Line-up the most suitable candidates for the
f) You are supposed to be in contact throughout
selection process, give us proper feedback and suggestion to close the
g) Finally the referred candidate will have been
recruited at your company.
h) We will produce the bill for clearance to your
Concerned Company.
i) Within Ten days of bill clearance the
percentage which is your Remuneration, will be transferred in your given Bank
j) The Percentage will be given on billing
amount after reducing Service Tax. The Remuneration amount will vary on basis of
billing amount in a month. Which would be as given bellow-

(1) If Billing Amount is Less than Rs.50000 in a month, your amount
will be 10% of billing amount.
(2) If Billing Amount is more than Rs.50000 and less than Rs. 1 Lac
in a month, your amount will be 15% of billing amount.
(3) If Billing Amount is more than Rs.1 Lac and less than Rs. 2 Lac
in a month, your amount will be 25% of billing amount.
(4) If Billing Amount is more than Rs.2 Lac in a month, your amount
will be 30% of billing amount.

So start working, Send us your confirmation mail or queries along with your
Contact details.

We are waiting for a warm reply, If need arises what so ever, please feel
free to contact us.



Sidhusaaheb said...

“Finish formality of singeing of our Terms and

So…when do u plan to SING the terms and conditions to your company and start getting rich? :P

Hope to see u in Indian Idol soon singing terms and conditions :D
Fariha Akhar | Homepage | 02.02.08 – 7:50 pm | #


Sure! :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 02.03.08 – 6:28 pm | #


Haha … these are terms or what?

So ur next post gonna be in audio?? Huh
Asma | Homepage | 02.03.08 – 9:19 pm | #


Yup! Corporatisation of bribery! :D

Well, I wouldn’t mind!! :P
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 02.04.08 – 9:19 pm | #


my favourite line is also: “Finish formality of singeing of our Terms and Condition”

ye kahin jh****y sulagnay vali baatein to nahin kar rahe???

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kinkminos | Homepage | 02.05.08 – 1:57 pm | #


Ji, filhaal toh ‘Terms and Condition’ ki hi baat ho rahi lagti hai. :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 02.05.08 – 2:14 pm | #

Sidhusaaheb said...

Ha Ha
How shocking though….
razarumi | Homepage | 02.15.08 – 5:30 pm | #


Absolutely! :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 02.15.08 – 5:52 pm | #