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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seven Random Facts about Myself

This time, the tag requires me to write down seven random facts about myself, which are as follows:

1. I love animals. If I knew how, I would like to make friends with almost every single animal in the world (Disclaimer: This does not apply to humans!). This is despite the odd mishap that can and does happen every now and then, like the disagreement I had with my maternal grandfather's dog and which led to his holding one of my ankles between his teeth and, ultimately, letting me off with a little scratch rather than a bite or when a very sick little puppy bit me on my left hand, when I tried to disengage him from my shoe-laces, subsequent to which I had to be administered the anti-rabies shots since the poor little one had died soon after having bitten me (I suppose this should be publicised in the animal world's news media, so that they all know how lethal biting me can prove to be. I still feel bad for the puppy though, even as I shall always remember him by the crescent-shaped scar that he gave me).

2. I often tend to hold on to junk. Whether it be my rusty old bicycle, or my old mobile telephone handset that is now inoperational, I can not seem to throw anything away. Sometimes my mother disposes off stuff in my absence, only to have me question her about it later and go all over the memories associated with it.

3. I love automobiles. Although the only one I own at the moment is a small motorcycle (135cc, 12bhp, 2-stroke, 4-speed manual transmission) and do not know if I ever will have the money to buy another, I would, if I had all the money in the world, buy lots and lots of contemporary as well as vintage sports-cars, 4x4s (SUVs, MUVs), luxury saloons, street bikes, trail bikes, trail-cum-street bikes, and cruisers, among others. I have not yet learnt to fly, or else the list would include aircraft as well. For the present, however, I make do with reading as much as I can about automobiles, besides watching television programmes on the subject.

4. Of late, I can not seem to read any book through to the end. It is strange that I could not seem to put a book down until I had read it from cover to cover even when I did not have sufficient time, earlier, and now, even if I have all the time in the world, I tend to give up half-way. In fact, I can not seem to read anything longer than a magazine article any more.

5. I used to watch movies almost indiscriminately, though I think I have become more discerning now. One day, just for a lark, I started listing out the movies that I had watched during the two years that I spent at Indore, while studying for my post-graduate degree and the number came to about 175. I suppose I must have forgotten a few names or else the number should have definitely crossed 200. More recently, I have finished watching all of the movies associated with the James Bond marquee and the Star Wars series. There are so many more to watch, like the Godfather series, for instance. May God bless 24-hour television movie channels!

6. I like going for long walks. That is besides the evening stroll, of course! I think walking is a great way to explore a place and to be able to absorb its sights and sounds. So, as far as I can, I walk instead of hitching a ride on a vehicle, especially if the distance is not too long to be covered in that manner. I was fortunate enough to be able to go trekking, as well, in the forested areas of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, during my stay at Indore, though I have not really been able to pursue that hobby ever since.

7. I like to travel. If I were to suddenly receive a huge fortune from somewhere, I suppose that the first thing I would do would be to embark on a world tour. If not, however, budget-travel to affordable destinations is the name of the game, besides trips sponsored by family and friends.

Now, that, I suppose, should be enough narcissism for one blog-post!


Sidhusaaheb said...

Challo, at least we know more and more about you – thanks to tagging
I also love long walks..!
razarumi | Homepage | 12.16.07 – 4:47 pm | #


Perhaps we should go for a walk together, some day…
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 12.16.07 – 5:45 pm | #


Weirdness kahan gayi?? :P

And if the weirdness is obsession of these poor things .. go ahead feel like one =))

And may Allah bless u with so many automobiles and I’m not praying for a garage :P
Asma | Homepage | 12.18.07 – 10:41 pm | #


Well, I hope I can get passing-marks, at least! :D

I figured that some of these are somewhat weird, since these make me different from most of those around me.

What? No garage? Where am I going to park my cars and bikes then? :S
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 12.19.07 – 11:01 am | #


Well Sidhu, Thanks for your comments on my blog, I just posted them this morning.
And this post of urs was really interesting. There is nothing weird in these things about u, cos I m a bit like that too. Does that make me weird too? or can we safely discern that these are normal?
Manpreet | Homepage | 12.22.07 – 4:28 am | #


You are always welcome!

I guess that makes us different from the rest.
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 12.22.07 – 11:24 am | #

Sidhusaaheb said...

AAAAAh! ANimals. Oh we have so much in common. I just adopted a baby girl bear in lieu of my son’s birthday.Her name is Kamli and she looks like a teenager, early teens.She was rescued from poachers and has now grown to a fiesty bhalu.
OOOOhhhh!! long strolls. Your hobbis are very good.
BTW, I want to give u the exact address of the person who wrote very well about travelling sleeper class in the IR. It is
roopa esther sharma | Homepage | 04.22.08 – 3:39 pm | #