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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Tag of Weirdness

I have been tagged again. This time I am supposed to write about six of my weirdest habits/weirdest things about myself. I say 'weirdest' because, I can afford to pick and choose, being the epitome of weirdness as I am!

I am 'The Original Weirdo'!!

Anyway, here we go:

1. I am awfully thin. To be precise, I am stick-thin. The only thing I have inherited from the clan of warriors that I belong to, is my height. For all six feet of me, my weight fluctuates between 56 and 60 kilogrammes. Now, this does not bother me in the least, but the fact of the matter is that it seems to bug other folks a lot. Not only am I often subjected to expressions of 'concern' by relatives, but I am also prone to being stopped on the street by complete strangers, some of whom even offer to share 'remedies' to cure the 'state of my health'!

2. I have two fake front teeth. My folks pushed me into getting these installed, after one of my front teeth had fallen out, having decayed beyond repair. The adjoining tooth had to be ground to half its size so that a cap could be fixed on it to provide support for the fake tooth that replaced the missing incisor. They thought this might lead some girl to want to marry this weirdo son/brother/cousin of theirs. Little do they realise that I give most girls a complex because of my waist size, which the young ladies find difficult to match!

3. I have a very short attention span. Not only does my mind wander while I am on a bus or train, but also while in a meeting at work or when I was in class at school and college. To beat this, I had to ask questions very often, while in class. Due to this, some of my teachers at school and college even imagined me to be a very intelligent person, who had highly developed reasoning and logical abilities, only to be foxed when my average grades did not match their expectations. Also, my superiors at work have been bugged, more than once, by the uncomfortable questions I am wont to ask during meetings.

4. I am almost incredibly shy, on the personal front, and am unlikely to approach people unless absolutely necessary. Recently, I travelled to Nepal with a group of about 40 people (including my own family) and did not make a single friend and do not even regret it. Until a few years ago, I did get bothered by the fact that most people consider this as abnormal, but am comfortable being the way I am these days. What most people do not realise is that this gives me the unique ability to observe fellow human beings more closely than the majority of homo sapiens. So, 'His Weird Highness' rules his own little world!

5. To say that I have an 'unconventional' sense of humour, is a euphemism. Those who have been subjected to it would testify to that! The ones that manage to survive it become friends and the ones that do not, think I am among the weirdest men to have walked upon this Earth.

6. I try to live by certain principles that I hold in high esteem and have even suffered material losses on that account. That is definitely not the 'in thing' these days. The key word in today's world, perhaps, is 'flexibility' (which is actually 'moral bankruptcy', if you ask me).

So, TAG, I'M IT!

1 comment:

Sidhusaaheb said...

This was a very revaling tag. BTW, nothing seems “wirdiest” to me
shirazi | Homepage | 10.01.06 – 7:04 am | #


Thanks Shirazi Sa’ab!

I guess I am not weird at all for friends!!

Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 10.01.06 – 8:06 am | #


With you being so loyally visiting my blog I feel very embarased …anyhow … Well the weirdo quality no 3 is not so weird after all … since u accompanied your family … for such a short spanned visit also making some friends … that would be weird …!

Well the extent of weirdness u may be showing is present in almost all of us … so no worries … Stay weird just like that
Asma | Homepage | 10.03.06 – 8:02 pm | #


There is no need to feel embarassed… After all, it would not be ok if I do not read the blogs that I recommend to others through my blogroll…and there aren’t too many of those, till now at least…

Thanks for ‘de-weirdifying’ two of my qualities and encouraging me to be the way I am!
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 10.03.06 – 11:22 pm | #


No two persons are created alike by WaheGuru. We all are wierd (to others) in some way or the other…..
Sifar | Homepage | 10.05.06 – 11:57 am | #


Truly said…

Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 10.05.06 – 12:45 pm | #


I have taught one student with short attention span and he had a different strategy, he would sit quitey and look out of the window. And in the exams he would score good marks. I had no problems and would let him be. Now I wonderhow many of my students ask questions to hide their attention span!
Mridula | Homepage | 10.29.06 – 4:29 pm | #


I wonder if I would’ve scored better in my exams, if I had adopted that strategy. :D
Sidhusaaheb | Homepage | 10.29.06 – 5:58 pm | #